Pay on Results SEO

Pay on Results SEO is where we charge you according to the position in Google of your focus keywords. Prices are calculated by position and competition level/keyword difficulty.

Fixed Price SEO

These are traditional SEO packages where you pay a fixed monthly amount for your SEO. You pay the same each month whether it goes well or not but you know where you stand.

DIY SEO with our Free Tutorials

If you have the time and willingness to learn, we provide an abundance of SEO “How To’s” and tutorials at SEOroids. DIY (Do-It-Yourself) and save money. You can always pay for a little help when you need it.

Website & SEO Fully Managed Service

We have an ultimate care package where we will create your website, host it, look after it and do all your SEO and Social Media for you. You pay monthly and we do everything for you.

Wholesale SEO


Perhaps you offer another kind of B2B service. Actually, most of our clients we do not work with directly but via a business who has outsourced to us. We can offer wholesale SEO – Whitelabel. We can do your client’s SEO and send the monthly reporting to you that you can then brand yourself and forward on to your client. This can be an additional residual income stream into your business. Contact me via the form below and let’s talk!

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