Do GuaranteedĀ SEO Results meanĀ that the SEO Service is better?

At SEOROIds we are all about getting you the ROI part – Return on Investment. Money back guaranteed SEO results are rarely offered in the SEO industry. When they are, more often than not they are usually a scam. I will explain why…

The main reason why it is difficult to offer guaranteed SEO results is because while there is good SEO practice that will put you in good stead for ranking high, at the end of the day, page 1 ranks in Google for your keywords is outside of your control and outside of the SEO service giver’s control. Google decide how you will rank in Google.

If a company offer you guaranteed SEO results and they are vague as to what that means, they could easily deliver on their promise by getting you ranked for easy keywords. All they have to do is show you a screenshot of you sitting at position #1 for your name, your company name and perhaps a couple of low competition and obscure long tail keywords that no one will ever search. If they do this, they can claim to have accomplished the mission. Therefore make sure that you discuss very specific goals with your SEO service provider and have them in writing.

What can be Guaranteed?

While it is impossible to guarantee Google ranks, a good SEO company will guarantee you something. They should guarantee that they will carry out the monthly work that they say they will. A reputable SEO company will give you a monthly report of the work done along with a SERPs report that shows where your keywords rank. If you are told you are getting 4 articles a month, where are they? You can hold them accountable for the work they promise to do.

Why do you want to be guaranteed page 1 ranks?

Any position on page 1 is valuable if it’s for the right keywords. However, you need to be aware that page 1 positions assuming that they are good keywords you are ranking for – even then, you may not get sales or leads. What is your bounce rate like? What is your traffic conversion like? Your website quality, layout and navigation is nothing to do with your SEO provider. Neither is your company reputation, customer response time, products, service and pricing of said products and/or services. Once the targeted traffic is driven to your landing pages, the final outcome of that traffic depends on all these other factors and more.

As the old saying goes…

“You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”.

In other words, there is a good chance (not guaranteed) that we at SEOroids can rank you on page 1 over time for a number of keywords but the ultimate goal of traffic conversion is in YOUR hands. The buck ultimately stops with you. With that said, with use of the right keywords leading people to relevant content, that’s a good start.

It’s not only about making it to page 1 but staying there

This is another thing to consider. Will an SEO company achieve their promise of a page 1 rank only to take their foot off the gas pedal as soon as this is achieved? You’ll end up paying for 12 months SEO only to rank on page 1 for a short time. Again, make sure that you ask the right questions.

Guaranteed SEO Results
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Guaranteed SEO Results
At SEOROIds we are all about getting you the ROI part. Guaranteed SEO results are rarely offered in SEO. When they are, they are usually a scam.
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