Pay for Results SEO – Cheap work, pay bonuses when ranks are achieved

Key Points - Just to be clear...


  • Pay for Results SEO is NOT a free service, we charge you a VERY low price for the work carried out because it takes time and resources.


  • You pay extra on top only when objectives are achieved. “Pay for Results SEO”


  • This is by invitation only. We don’t take on every project offered to us. Only if we believe we can be successful in a reasonable amount of time. You can apply using the form on this page.


  • In the long run, if successful, Pay for Results SEO can work out more expensive for you. You can always switch at any time to a fixed price package

Balancing Risk Vs Reward

This is where the SEO company is willing to work hard and take the risk. If a company has a fair and good “Pay on Results” scheme, take it seriously because they must feel confident in their work and willing to take the risk of small pay.

You must bear in mind that you can’t have everything in your favour where all the risk lies with the service provider. There are scam companies out there but equally, there are plenty of scam customers who don’t pay up! Don’t be suspicious if the company you are working with wants a little money to cover costs regardless of the outcome of the work. So long as proof of the work carried out is provided then this is completely fair.

What our offer is - Ethical, fair to both sides and yet still enticing...

We will carry out guaranteed work (work, not results). We will provide proof of work carried out on a monthly basis. This work will be clearly itemised before you become a client so that you know what you are getting. You will also get a monthly SERPs report to see your page rank progress. Our work will be subsidised at a low cost to you.

We will then have an agreement that you will pay on results (if and when the desired outcome is achieved – Page 1 of Google).

Our prices are not listed on this page because pricing will depend on your niche, your keyword difficulty/competition level and other factors.

Due to the low-cost work and time, it may take to achieve your SEO goals, there is a minimum 12-month contract. The 12-month fee has to be paid in advance for the work to commence. This is to cover our costs for the work we do and give us some kind of insurance in the rare event that the client “disappears” once keywords begin to rank on page 1 of Google.

If we don’t believe that we can achieve your objectives, we will decline to take on your project. Applying to work with us, does not guarantee we will work together.

You will pay a bonus amount each month for every keyword that ranks on page 1 of Google (details will be given in your proposal and will depend on the keyword and competition).

Why this system works

  • The small annual fee you pay saves you tons of money compared with traditional monthly SEO packages while still covering us for the manual labour
  • You only pay extra once ranks are achieved
  • The motivation for us to push for page 1 rankings is there

What are the Steps:

1. Complete the form below

2. We will send you a full website audit, keyword research and proposal if we feel we can take the project on.

3. We come to a mutual agreement to commence with the work

4. You pay the agreed upon annual price

5. We start

6. We send you monthly reports

7. We invoice you for the results paid amounts each month something is due.

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